Dirty Ear Forum - second edition

Presentations and Performances by

Claudia Firth / Lucia Farinati & students of the Nordic Sound Art program
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
David Toop
Binaura / Agoston Nagy
Johnny Herbert
Brandon LaBelle

Experiences of listening often lead to confrontations and encounters with noises and other disturbances, as well as that of intimate sharing and assurance. How often we seek out familiar music, a quiet place, a comforting rhythm in moments of distress. And what of the excitement and intensity found in turning up the volume, repeating a particular expression, exploring the foreign or the mysterious as a break onto the familiar – such modulations of comfort zones encourage a tuning in to the broader horizon of experience.

These emotional borders are activated by a listening sensibility, allowing for a diversity of social contact, which might also provide us with material for types of practice. The Forum aims to focus on listening as a practice, questioning in what ways it participates in social life and cultural work. Presentations by sound artists and theorists in the afternoon seminar will provide entry into this territory of the auditory. This will be followed by an evening of performances, creating a space of listening that may equally enrich our appreciation for the poetics and politics of sound's diverse movements.

Held at Bergen Academy of Art and Design / Bergen Kunsthall; opening statement by Brandon LaBelle pdf