Dirty Ear Forum - seventh edition

Brandon LaBelle
Reuben de Lautour
Sirin Ozgun
Jeremy Woodruff
Ebru Yetiskin

Lab: May 1 - 5, 2017 / Public listening session: May 5th, 2017

Venue: Halka Art Project, Caferaga Mah. Bademalt¦ Sok. No: 24/1, Kad¦köy 34710 Istanbul

In collaboration with the Istanbul Technical University

The Dirty Ear Forum is an experimental platform for sonic research. Occurring in different locations and settings, it is based on the coming together of a selected group of practitioners and thinkers to share and exchange research on sound and listening, and to collectively work through a range of sonic concepts. Each Forum is developed through collective decision-making in how to self-organize, leading to a range of material expressions and theoretical results. At the center of the Forum is a desire to gather together individual viewpoints and practices into a shared activity, emphasizing sound as a conceptual and material platform that enables processes of working together.

This edition of the Dirty Ear Forum will take place at Halka Art Project, and will include an installation open to the public. Based on an audio diary in which all sounds are recorded continuously over the course of four-days, the work takes shape as an amplification procedure: a room fitted with loudspeakers that play back the daily accumulation of audio. Including the input from a diversity of participants who record everything they do and everyone they meet, the work performs as an auditory composite of life lived. (installation recording)